Natural & Food Dye

Color is in our DNA.
That's why we're constantly exploring ways we can create it without the use of harmful chemicals. This is our color vision.

The problem with dyes

From the high volume of chemicals used that often ends up in our waterways and ecosystems, to the huge amount of water needed to bind the dye to the materials—traditional textile dyeing has a heavy environmental footprint. 

We’re constantly searching for new solutions and partnering with innovators to scale the next generation of dyes that are kinder to the planet. Introducing the Natural Dye and Botanical Dye capsules—both designed to create color without toxic chemicals.

The Food Dye Capsule

Our Blueberry, Matcha and Rooibos shades, applied to our 365 Hoodie, Track Pants and T-shirt, are generated by extracting ingredients from food waste disposed of by food companies and farms—diverting waste and avoiding harmful chemical dyes.

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The Natural Dye Capsule

Discover two unique shades of yellow and beige, created from chestnut trees and thyme plants. This premium-feel jersey T-shirt is made with Texloop™ RCOT™ Primo high-quality recycled cotton yarn for a more structured feel, and is dyed with Tintex’s Colorau™ technology, taking ingredients from botanical sources to sidestep the use of toxic chemical processing.

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