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Flax Plants

The Linen Capsule is crafted with care for both you and the planet. Our linen is sourced from flax plants, a natural fiber that requires minimal irrigation, pesticides, and fertilizers. By diversifying our fiber inputs, we are reducing our reliance on a single crop and promoting more responsible agricultural practices.

The flax used in our linen undergoes a gentle process called dew retting, which is less chemically intensive than traditional water retting methods. This eco-friendly approach allows us to utilize all parts of the plant efficiently, minimizing waste and environmental impact.

The flax seeds and oils serve as a source of nutrition for both humans and animals, resulting in a zero-waste material that is vastly renewable, recyclable and degrades more readily than cotton.

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Aloe Linen

The Linen Capsule is made from 100% linen and an aloe vera oil treatment that accentuates the linen's cool, comfortable feel and makes the material hypoallergenic and much more soft.

PANGAIA linen offers a lighter, crisper feel for your favourite summer styles including a variety of collared shirts with unique double pocket detail, drawstring shorts, and new linen trousers available in both a men's and women's fit, with elasticated waistbands.